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Worthy Design Scapes

​​​ “Perfect match of what I wanted with a pleasing      aesthetic and excellent choice of plants.”  

 - M. Cipriano

 “The design worked out well, giving us space for  plants, and an area for grand kids to play in.  I liked  Carey's enthusiasm to get the design we wanted. She  spent a lot of time with us.”   –T. Hawes

 “Loved the overall design!”  -D. Delucia

 “We are THRILLED how it turned out!” –L. Blake

 “Great colors choices... You really listened to what I  wanted.  Could not have done it myself!  Thank you!”   –B. Hubbard

 “Carey really listened both to what we wanted and  what we did NOT want. Her design made it really  easy for us to personalize the plan with some very  minor tweaks.  
We are loving our new yard...drought  tolerant but with lots of color.”  - C. Witt

 “The design was perfect for our drought resistant  neighborhood. It was well thought it and has grown  beautifully!!  You were so easy and fun to work  with!!” 
-M & R Husted

 “Your design was just what we were looking for. It  turned out great. Good choice on plants, color and  placement.”  -S. DeWoody

 “Your design was perfect.” - S. Liflander

 “Our yard is absolutely beautiful and we get  compliments all the time.”  –P. Greene

 “We expanded the original design.  Drought tolerant  plant election was very good.”  - J. Stone

 “I get many compliments about how my backyard  landscape 'feels'....Carey incorporated succulents  within existing plants....and beautiful pops of  complimentary color. 

 When doing the design consultation, Carey took into  consideration the sun angle over the course of the  day, kept to waterwise plants, listened to things I  liked and didn't like....and then created an easy care  garden that has flourished!”  - A. Preciado

 “Condo complex in PB. Replacing grass with low  maintenance plants.  We were very pleased with the  outcome.”   – K. Soldau

 ​​“Your design was perfect for our backyard!  The  pergola was the envy of all who saw it! A definite  selling point when we sold the home.”  - S.  Lafo

 “It was a great design. I didn't know where to start  and previously felt overwhelmed with where to start  and you helped pick a direction and run with it.

 Overall great experience. It was so nice after buying  our first home to have someone walk our backyard  and educate us along with a great design.”   

 - T.  Clark

 “You did a good job listening to my wants and  needs.”   -J. Reed 


 “Very happy with the design and still am.  The  design and plant selection are beautiful.

 I enjoy the beauty of the yard each day, thanks!”   

 -P. Carpenter

 “You were very easy to work with and provided  excellent feedback on our landscaping.” 

 -C.  Gianulis

 “Carey incorporated a lot of the features and plants  we requested. She also helped us select plants that  were more suitable to our climate.  We liked working  with Carey. She is very knowledgeable about plants  and design.” 

 –D & S Kingsbury

 “Carey listened to my ideas and used them.  Carey  was great!”  -Dr. Rinear

 “So beautiful.  The design is amazing.”  -D & P  Petersen

 “Very thoughtful creative design, wonderful to work  with.  A pleasure to work with. Extremely satisfied  with services.”  -M. Palermo

 “You took what was in my head and put it in our  yard.  The design was a picture I'd had for a  longtime but no one thought it was a good idea.  Then you Carey agreed with me and brought it to  life.” 
-D & J Horsman

 “You used my ideas and added to them, making the  two sections of my front yard into one cohesive  design.” 
-B. Kowalik

 “I took your design and made some adjustments but  came out with a great design. It was even featured  on "Fine Gardener's" online magazine.”  

 –A. Kirschbaum

 “I felt that you listened carefully to my needs about  color, low water use and minimalist "tending" to the  plants.” 
– J. McEdward